Will this become the new development platform?

Are we going to completely ditch Discord/Revolt for this? Or are we going to have both? If we ditched Discord/Revolt, then this would be a lot more active.

according to tnix we will not be abandoning Discord

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Because the forums will probably be inactive because discord will still be in use, I am going to leave meower when I get removed. I will rejoin in 2024.

i plan on making the forms be active, as discord is not sutible for making threads for off topic projects and projects in general

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I still feel like I’m going to be missing out on something here, so I am going to be leaving. I don’t want to feel like I’m missing out.

what i want this t become is the meower form of the scratch thread

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Same, like before we had Discord.

i hope so lamo, it is also a great alternative for a development tuff because there are basicyl no limitations compared to discord

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Yeah, should we ask someone? (also you should allow meower forums to send you notifications)

but also scratch forms too

(the 60 sec post limit)

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i did lol

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This has no post limit, it is live

wow even replying indicators!

ye and that is great

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This is like scratch forums but better

yeah great lmao

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I hearted all of your posts

and discord too (other then general chatting tho, but that can be done on meower itself)


Yeah, that’s kind of what Meower is for, chatting.