Why you couldnt connect to meower after the shutdown on 5/8/2023

i decided to make a detailed reason on why

basically, when connecting to the meower servers, we need to make 3 (now 2) requests before auth on the meower server.

basically like this:
send ip
send client type (usually js)
send trust key (meower)

the issue here is with send ip

for most clients, in order to get your ip, most clients go to api.meower.org/ip
the issue was that api.meower.org/ip was removed from the api. and at the same time. you couldnt remove the ip command from clients, so it caused a bit of problems. the ip command needed to be set to a “whatever” value in order to work.

dont worry, the ip command was removed and every client from scratch beta 5 release 7 to svelte 1.6 dev works now