Which BGM do you use in Meower?

Which BGM do you use in Meower?
(untitled2 is obviously the best one)

  • night sky
  • The Meower Theme (p. bass loop)
  • piano ear grapes
  • Meower Theme Remix (p.b.loop remix)
  • untitled (?)
  • meower.
  • untitled2 (?)
  • meower is (not) dead
  • the elevator of time
  • meower is (not) dead (instrumental)
  • BGM disabled

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I used to use meower is not dead, but now I’m liking the sound of elevator of time. Vocalice’s songs are great

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when can i test beta 6 api for svelte?

I am starting work again today, and will start posting things to my devlog, keep tuned on my devlog for updates on tests and such


aww man only 9% of people listen to my song i will make a better one next time

what is you sog