What Animal Crossing villagers do you dislike?

I’m not sure many of you play Animal Crossing, but I have a story of a villager I disliked:

I had a villager called Alli on my ACNH island. I don’t remember how she got there. One time she would use “dimples” for a nickname. I didn’t really care until late 2022. Suddenly, her whole “dimples” schtick got to me. I decided to lock up Alli near her house using either the cliff feature on the Island Designer app or fencing. 50% of when I would talk to her, she would call me dimples. One day she offered to change my nickname. I gladly accepted, but I still couldn’t forgive her. One day she asked to move out of my island. I happily let her move, and I was happy to finally be rid of her. I took down Alli’s prison to make way for the new villager. I went villager hunting using a lot of Nook Miles Tickets. I suddenly found a lazy hamster villager called “Clay”.
I gladly moved him in, and my island has been completely “dimples”-free ever since.

Also, you might call me weird for not liking Alli being sweet, but I just thought “dimples” wasn’t an acceptable name for my character.

End of story.

Pee village

i think you need to calm down :skull_and_crossbones:

your insane levels have gone higher than taco’s