Various updates regarding projects

Changes to aging projects / Updates on repos / Vanilla retirement plan

  1. “Meower Time Machine” - Project has been merged / partially abandoned - The plan for providing legacy support and an interactive menu for the aging Vanilla client, and it’s archives, should be considered part of the Legacy-Meower repo. Development on an interactive GUI for this project should be refrained.

  2. “Meowopolis Online” - Project has been partially abandoned - I’ve lost interest in programming in Scratch, making the final CL4 port of Vanilla an exception. This project will remain inactive until a more suitable environment for developing has been made. I’m considering using Godot.

  3. Rebranding retired Vanilla clients to Yoom should be refrained. I would rather prefer to leave Yoom as a historical note, not as a complete replacement for the existing hard work I’ve done.

  4. “MicroMeower” - Concepts merged - The plans for MicroMeower will be merged with future Meower Server releases. It will be much more convenient to build a server on the same code base, but with optimization/customization to effectively create the MicroMeower concept.