Various new Github policies (CC'd from Discord)

Github comments, discussions, or issues

Effective immediately, I will be enforcing a strict “No Off-topic” policy on future Github repo comments/discussions/issues. This is not the purpose of the Github organization. If you want to discuss topics not related to Meower, please do so in (discord off-topic channel) or in the off-topic threads in Meower Forums.

What qualifies as on-topic

  • Discussions related to Meower itself
  • Bug reporting / discussion of fixes for issues
  • New development on clients or forks

What qualifies as off-topic

  • Any discussion of non-Meower topics.

There is always a time and place to do something. I encourage fun discussions and humor, however that is not what Github is for.

New policy on Github issues

Effective immediately, I will be enforcing a new rule regarding Github issues.

Any existing issues in any repository within the Meower Media Github organization are not subject to this policy.

  1. Templates must be used when making a bug report, feature request, or asking for assistance.

  2. When using the bug report template, you must follow the instructions provided and verify you have followed said instructions at the very end of each new issue.

  3. Attaching logs, screenshots, and filling out descriptions is highly encouraged. Failure to do so will only result in issues going stale.

Issues will be removed if these policies are not followed.