Upcoming server migration

Upcoming server migration

Starting December 23 , Meower will be migrating servers. This server migration is to rectify various issues regarding the security and performance of the server.

What’s wrong?
Various issues that I have been encountering with the current meow-meow-box includes:

  1. Extremely low storage space on boot SSD - This has caused various issues regarding system stability.
  2. Unprotected RAID access
  3. Insecure MongoDB daemon
  4. Unprotected LAN access if the server gets compromised
  5. Meower Discord bot and 2C2D taking up an extreme amount of resources

Why should I be concerned? What should I expect?
I am focusing on restructuring components of my network infrastructure, which will gravely effect Meower. I expect the migration process to take no longer than a few hours. Of course, anything can go wrong. I will keep you posted when the time comes.

For now, continue using Meower, and I will give up to 10 days in advance’s notice.

Services that will be affected

  1. Meower Homeserver
  2. All Meower bots
  3. 2C2D
  4. Meower’s Nextcloud
  5. go.meower.org


When did Meower have a nextcloud


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