Transition to CloudLink 4

As a lot of you may know CloudLink 4 was released. Mike is starting to migrate the current server to it. I have attached screenshots of announcements that contain info that client and bot developers may need to know about this transition.

Also update on Beta 6 server, I’m slowly getting it done, and I will be trying to keep as much compatibility as possible with Beta 5, so developers there is no need to worry! I will try to put more updates Beta 6 Devlog - Backend Development - Meower Forums

Oh yeah, this is now out of date lmao

  1. Gave up on the CL3 Meower compatibility shim

  2. CL4 rewrite is on a brief hiatus since I’m rewriting CL4 to exponentially improve performance and memory management (as well as implementing the Scratch Cloud Variable protocol)

  3. Currently unsure when server rewrite will be finished, very busy

Also, on the subject of CL4 stuff:

I am almost done working on Cloudlink 4 Optimized… As the name implies, it is a heavily optimized version of CL4. I made over 1000 connections to a server without it catching fire!


As soon as this is GitHub ready, Meower’s CL4 port will go zoom without kaboom.

And as I said on the discord next possible optimisation would be a c/cpp python extension lmao

hoping cl4 is out after beta 6 because i dont wanna upgrade svelte command formatting

mmmmmm cloudlink rooms
becoming mroe like the framework gamejolt uses (phoenix)

Maybe I should get you up to speed:

No, this is an update to existing CL clients. Command formatting has changed in some commands, but otherwise most, if not all, legacy CL3 commands will easily migrate to CL4. Once I finish making the upgrades, I’ll publish a documentation page about changes and new stuff.

Time to get some things updated in this forgotten thread:

  1. For the CL4 port, we will retain authentication methods. However, starting with 0.6.0, we will be removing all authentication methods from the CL server and migrating these functions to a secure REST API.

  2. All admin functions of the CL4 port will be removed and migrated to a separate API.

  3. All existing CL3 methods, with the above exceptions, will have slight modifications to packet structure. Request method names will also be revised. Error/info codes have also been updated.

I will be publishing a documentation page regarding changes and updated endpoints to the Meower CL API. For now, continue using CL3 methods, but be aware of these changes.

I think this will need to be updated with the new rewrite stuff