To the users of the Meower Revolt server

The Revolt has been permanently suspended from the Revolt to Discord bridge due to a disturbing event that took place moments ago.

The Revolt is now discontinued, and no longer in use.

To all users of the Meower Revolt, please leave now.

Please note that we are not responsible for any imagery posted.

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In light of recent events, I have also revoked all discord invite links and I will be heavily moderating invites hereafter. If you need to make an invite to the server, PLEASE contact me beforehand.

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oh my, this really worried me

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What happened?

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Welcome Silver! Basically, the revolt server was raided with NSFW content, so it was shut down.



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what?: nsfw raid
how? invite
when?: August 13 2022
where?: revolt
why?: I made the mistake of generating an invite to go on revolt discover :expressionless:

how the hell, is there any evidence?

Ask melt if you want to see the messages and also
deleted image due to moderation by original poster

geez wth is wrong with people these days

sending cryiptic msgs with bad stuff attached

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Don’t translate it, I did, it’s not nice