Switch from Meower Scratch to Meower Svelte

As we’ve dropped further development of Meower Vanilla AKA Meower Scratch, Scratch Meower will be moved to old.meower.org and Svelte will replace app.meower.org.

Meower Scratch will continue to be supported through Beta 5 CL4 port, but will lose official support upon release 1.0.0.

Thank you for your continued support of Meower!

UPDATE: A lot of old versions of Meower Scratch will be added to the Meower Time Machine project that @MikeDEV is making, this will allow Meower Scratch to continue to work on newer Meower versions.


when will app.meower.org become bettermeower

There are no plans to replace Meower Svelte with BetterMeower. BetterMeower is a separate client from Meower Svelte and has no affiliation with Meower Media Co.

If the Meower Team wants to make BetterMeower an official client or recommend it via their Website, GitHub, Twitter, etc, that is totally fine, although likely will not happen.

Without Meower Svelte, BetterMeower wouldn’t exist, and would likely just be discontinued if Meower Svelte was; for example; to be deleted.

BetterMeower is a project that is meant to bring features that are missing from Meower Svelte to a universal client anyone can use as a Meower community effort, not be the main client. Being the main client wouldn’t even make sense for BetterMeower, as it’s meant to add features to the main client.