StreamMeower Update

I got the intro done, loading screen, tips, thumbnail. search.

What should be first video?

what is stream meower

Me and @snx @vetzla @Bloctans @JoshAtticus are working on a netflix copy in scratch.


You can’t use the Meower M logo, plus it’s not going to be on scratch.

You cannot make a streaming service on scratch

Well then it is no longer a streaming service because scratch cloud variables it limited to 5 updates a second with a max of 128 characters :person_shrugging:

It’s a torture-yourself service

*10 updates a second with a max of 256 characters and only numbers, but even then it could only transmit around 2560/3=853 bytes a second, which is just not enough for any decent-sounding audio (let alone video) at all
turbowarp allows 10 updates a second with a max of i think 10000 characters (10000/3=3333 bytes a second), but that’s still not enough

we’re using adacraft for this
basically i’m gonna use a python script to split a video’s frames which then is turned into an array which is read by the meowstream frontend to display a video
as for audio idk lmao