Some suggestions for Meower Beta 6

This is pretty much just a post with a list of some possible ideas I have for Meower beta 6.

  • Topics: a post can be added to a topic using the # symbol, and there would be a UI for searching for topics and viewing recent and popular posts in them and currently trending topics (measured by the amount of times the topic has been used in the past 24 hours)

  • Public chats? maybe an option to make chats public and a server browser view inside of the chat tab

  • The ability to add moderators which can delete posts to a chat, and to be able to move ownership of a chat

  • A view where you can enter a chat code to join it

  • More themes: Red, green, purple, maybe an option for custom themes

  • Maybe remove some of the less offensive words from the filter, like crap, kill, etc, or have a toggle for different modes of the filter (light, normal, strict, with strict maybe using a whitelist, for example the clean wordlist I made)

  • Friending: along with following which would put a user’s posts on a “following” secion on your homepage, you could friend users, once a user accepts your friend request, you can DM them, DMs would be saved in a view inside of the Chats menu.

Custom theme support and friending have been already planned to be in Beta 6

You can kind of get a sense of what custom themes would be like by using: (This still uses Meower Svelte 1.2.0)

The less offensive words have already been patched and will be effective the next time Mike restarts the server.

The words removed can be found by looking at the changes made in these PRs: