Python Scratch VM

I am not taking bug reports rn, to little implemented

I am making a scratch VM in python for fun currently

this thread is for feature requests, and bug reports

implemented Fetures

  • General Hats
  • all math stuff other then mathop
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Nice, where can I try it?

repl, not fully implemented yet
also moveing it to gh

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a better idea that i just had for my vm was to convert the project.json to sb2 then vm it
im planning to rewrite my entire json parsing code to support that

but too hard to make the converter or use it

im gonna make a new scratch vm in python also but i convert the project to sb2 before reading because easier

nah alr to far into my opcode hell to do that

ok then my python scratch vm can be a thing?
also devlog at My python scratch vm + js scratch vm





my code for input parsing so far

the when key pressed hat block still has the value parsing hard-coded in it because it doesnt need to parse inputs