My python scratch vm + js scratch vm

python vm status: nothing done really
js vm status: done image loading, sprite management and a few blocks

i hated my old siggy so badly that changed my signature to flex on everyone

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spritecache = []
spritex = []
spritey = []
spritesize = []
spriterot = []
spritew = []
spriteh = []

Consider replying to several posts at once

anyways def good way to store sprite metadata

how much of the blocks have u done tho

none i still need to make, rendering and property management

def isvar(json):
if ‘cmd’ in json.keys():
return False
return True

check if an object in scratch 2’s json format is a var or not

actually i needed to flip that oof

anyone know a better way?

this will be my first block test project (maybe)

@showierdata9978 do you know how to fix this?

look at mine

didnt see any way how to in your vm

for doin opcodes

heres a little thing i found out while looking at some gh code: input types: 1 wrapper with block, 2 block, 3 block over value, 4-8 Number, 9-10 String, 11 Broadcast, 12 Variable, 13 List