MicroMeower - A plan to improve and simplify Meower Servers

MicroMeower - A faster, lightweight Meower server

MicroMeower is a plan for an extremely portable, powerful replacement for the aging and bloated server codebase currently in use.

Easy to document - The primary goal of MicroMeower is to simplify and de-obfuscate the APIs used by Meower.

Modularity and compatibility - MicroMeower will also be modular to implement forward/backward compatibility through a unified and simple event-driven API.

Minimal dependencies - I plan on making MicroMeower use as few dependencies as possible.

  • Python 3.11 and above
  • Falcon for API
  • MontyDB - Default to flat DB but support for other DB modes and optimized schema
  • Redis Client - Mainly for caching, will likely be an optional component

Batteries included - No extra setup is required for primary distributing methods:

  • Docker image
  • Linux appimage
  • Windows executable

Though, source code can be used as well ofc.

Ideas and help wanted


cool can u add a website to make bot easier and for schools to not block

im a god of the multiverse

i will def help with this

so the new server won’t be in typescript?

Bots aren’t something you want to run in a web browser, and there’s no way to stop schools from blocking Meower, social media is against the terms of many schools’ agreement your parents sign too, so don’t try and find ways around filters as that can land you in a bunch of hot water.

Can you make the repo non private,?