MeowerBots Github org



url: click
Creator: me
org admins: Council of Meowers


  • 1 . To unify all of the Meower bots onto one open src train (also so they can be easily verified)
  • 2 . To have all of the Meower bot libs open source and together

Banned Users

  • MdWalters

Can I join the github?

what bot, or bot lib do you own?


who made this


what do i need to add to the org

you own Meowerbot-scratch

oh ye, i guess i should add discordbackup too

have not remade that yet tho

i havent remade it yet
because i abandoned it due to the underaged raid

because we have a proper restart system now (fully works)

should i still move it???

nah, its fine if u do tho (just private)

i think i should also make a repo for all my (now defunct) bots without the password, ill give password only to my scratch-made bots.

also i cant private stuff (in org), only owner perms can do that

oh, i had no idea lmao

i think you can give owner perms, not by transfering but setting my role as highest

created all nessary stuff

can you make GitHub - MeowerBots/Discord-Backup-Public: A Backup Bot for Tnix's Meower Robot private