[MeowerBot.py NEAR FULL REWRITE] mb.py for the moderation update

New Features planned

  • full async/asyncio support!
    No more running an non async bot and an async bot at the same time

    • No CL Dependency
      Its been moved to its own class implementing async support
  • Better callbacks
    callbacks are moving to a system like nextcord.

  • Waiting for a message

  • Less WS Dependency!

    • this is mainly a feature of the mod update
  • Editing your posts

  • Deleting your Posts (And others if the bot has the permission to delete posts)

This is a slightly early draft as i need feat ideas.

If your here relatively fast, you can see me working on it live here

MB.py is looking for contributers who can ignore the bordom of implementing an API wrapper ;-;

& making it all type checkable