Meower Web Backend

Making meower web servers

ok cool @Bloctans (no reason ping)

bump + necropost

its now json

test notif

so to save performance time, im gonna make 2 requests
getresults: returns json object with site names (as json keys)
getheaders: returns the og:title or title and og:disc or disc of inputted html



you will send a request like [apisite]/api/search/getresults//1
it will return sometihng like:

the list index of 1 contains the title, 2 contains the disc, 3 will contain if the site needs re-indexing

edit: for some reason its VERY SLOW to run the indexer file

#/api/mod/dropindexes, Returns StatusCode (not added)
#/api/mod/runindex//, Returns Error or string, Headers: modkey

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