Meower Unofficial Hangout

This is for everyone who wants yet another place to chat about Meower!

Currently still being worked on, I’ve created an invite to my unofficial Meower hangout. It’s hosted on, and you can join here!

It currently has four channels, listed below.

  • Meower Development
  • Off-topic Chat
  • Bots & Spam
  • Rules

Please make sure that if you do end up joining, always follow the rules! :wink:

Also, if you’d like to be a mod, DM me here.

Do you think I would be able to recover my deleted Matrix account?

Unfortunately not, as they permanently delete it, although you will be able to create a new one with Tnix as your username

Because old one doesn’t exist


Dang, didn’t you used to use tnix100? Also this is matrix you can set a display name for free.

You shouldn’t post it publicly

It’s just temporary, it won’t stay here after beta 6.


yeah, so my account still exists, I just deactivated it, so would I be able to contact them?

“Deactivating your account is a permanent action — be careful!” I assume not, what about tnix10? I know that isn’t taken.

Maybe I can ask them to at least free “tnix”, since that’s also deactivated and I would want that over any other username

Ok, you can try contacting them, they just probably mean you can’t undo it yourself. Also you will probably have to verify you own the account.

Josh, do you still have the old space on matrix? If so, please invite us, we want to see old off topic

Um, I will try to find it


Oh wait that’s new

I need the name of it to join, but I can’t remember.

William deleted it.