Meower Svelte devlog


so far

uhhhhh @Tnix, there are 2 instances of cat in members when allowing to join 2 times


Oh yay you joined uwu

progress on chat members

Tnix is hosting Svelte 1.3 here


why does it say they joined the chat after they had sent a message? also this is just the chat interface, I don’t see anything about members.

I also think that the members list should be handled in the modal thing I made, I will fix it up a bit today and send it.

Use “rows=x” and “columns=y”

I will make PR

**to your branch


You need to make a branch so I can actually edit it

I hate developing svelte in vs code
npm :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

@Bloctans do you know how to use npm? I hate it because it has never actually worked, it’s complicated, and very difficult to use.

npm install life