meower svelte beta 6 testing when


also should i start deleting useless closed topics

Never delete old topics, also stop closing topics because they are solved, someone might want to say something, you should always keep them for reference purposes.


Meower Svelte Beta 6 will be worked on in the near future. Meower Svelte by itself isn’t even finished, as you probably know, there are no moderator tools, group chats, search, messages, profiles, BGM or SFX.

Meower Svelte B6 development will be slower than Vanilla development, as the Beta 6 design will have to be added, along with Beta 6 planned features, in addition to all previously excluded Beta 5 features.

Please expect Svelte B6 to be released/finished weeks, or more likely months after Beta 6 Vanilla is released.

im currently working on the rpoject mostly, what im asking is that when the beta 6 servers are done, i wanan start moving svelte over to beta 6 then continue with new features