Meower is down!

Hey bloctans can you not freaking edit my message it glitches out my browser thanks

but why, did gdcolon crash cloudflare again?

No, Cloudflare servers are overloaded.

Cloudflare blames it on Meower, but every other cloudflare website I know is down too.


yeah i just checked cloudflare is not down

but cloudflare is down for me
the servers are hosted in chicago, not down

I get 502 error on my own website

Chicago, IL, United States - (ORD) Operational

and on my parents buisness

a couple cloudflare servers are being rerouted

hmm strange, i dont know why its down for me, but not anyone else

Oh that’s right! I was googling MikeDEV
I found mikedev’s github, scratch, gitlab, gnome gitlab, youtube and hackmd

@Bloctans see original message

search up zed next

I will make a new topic, about exposing digital footprints (yes I will expose mine)

ok expose the people you have currently searched

Cloudflare did not go down, Mike was swapping the server over to a UPS, and if Cloudflare were to be down you wouldn’t be talking on this forum.

announcements are the reason why i miss the discord server