Meower Homepage

Meower Homepage is a (currently) WIP homepage for your web browser.

Dynamic Wallpapers
The dynamic wallpapers change depending on the time of day in your region. Credit to vector_control for the actual images.
Sunrise Day
Evening Night

Multiple search engines
By default, Meower Homepage has 4 built-in search engines, listed below;

  • Google

  • Wikipedia

  • YouTube

  • GitHub

Clean & Elegant
The clean design of Meower Homepage makes it aesthetically pleasing and modern looking. There are no ads or sponsored shortcuts ruining your experience.

Try Meower Homepage


For the best experience, we recommend that you set Meower Homepage as your browser homepage.

Once you’ve launched Meower Homepage, simply select a search engine (if you’re not using Google) and type your search query into the “Search the Web” box.

All contributions to the project are welcome! You can visit the GitHub repo here.

Meower Homepage is still in early development! Please feel free to help out with the issues it currently has!

Reminds me of

Because it’s based on that

oh ː(

Why sad face?

UPDATE: Meower Homepage has moved to

Meower Homepage will soon be replacing Wikipedia with WikiMeower!