I've been gone a while, huh?

Hey. I’m grounded again, this time probably for a while. If you need to contact me, reply here and i’ll try to make it.

Miss you guys

Hi under, sorry to hear that. How were you able to post on the forums though?

My Nintendo Switch through Switchbru

they specifically let me have my switch because me and my cousin play MC

That’s pretty smart, well best of luck getting your other devices back, we miss you too

BTW, the reason is my CloudLink chatroom got a bit popular, and the district put me on an expulsion warning (not expelled, but damn close)

thought you and the team might chuckle about that one

wtf, almost getting expelled because of a simple chat project

A few of my friends go on Meower at school, our teacher doesn’t care too much (even if we disrupt the class a bit), nothing like getting expelled though

*also, it was legally breaking a contract i signed

damn, still crazy they take it that seriously

Well, I’m hoping by January, but a real eta would be like mid November

  • ungrounded time

My teacher wants me to advertise meower because she thinks it’s cool. I also use it to contact her and vice versa.

my pastors want me to plug my merch shop