how do i set up svelte

im gonna be making a social media platform, just for fun, my ideas are:

  • game sharing and creating (like roblox)
  • 2d and 3d games
  • chats and group chats
  • posts
  • communites (that are more like discord servers)

uhhh so how do i set up svelte
also ill make this the devlog page after

Assuming you mean how to create a Svelte app:

npm create [email protected] -- --template svelte

(node.js required, obviously. note: not tested)

Then basically just follow what’s on the terminal. This generates a “starter app” in a new folder with some stuff in it which i usually just clear.

svelte or svelte-ts better

does cl have sign in bulitin? @anyone???


where docs

this good?

idk. svelte is plain javascript, svelte-ts is typescript (i usually pick svelte because i’m not familiar with typescript)