how do i host a websocket without money


if you want it to be public and be up for a while , no way

the only real way is self hosting, but you would need a computer to be on 24/7

like a pi

but if you wanted it to be public you would have to pay anyway

Cloudflare tunnels are free, but you need a domain still. Or you could use something like ngrok but the link will change often.

yeah, i used cf testing tunnels to test my meower server host

This forums, the Meower API and the Meower CloudLink server are all hosted over tunnels for free.

still gotta give personal info tho

Only email, that’s all I had to give.

ok then, what about buying the actual domain

Depends what project it’s for, because if it’s open source then you could request a domain which is free, otherwise just go around domain registrars and look for a domain to buy

new CF account for me, i think stuff like address was handled by mikedev

We all have different CF accounts, we’re not just logging into Mike’s. So we’ve all had to signup and create a personal account then Mike has added us into the Meower account.

try to create a cf tunnel

it just has my email, I didn’t need to give any more details than that

Oh, it does not fully check it ig

It doesn’t even require it, I just tested by making a new account

for cf tunnels

Cf tunnels definitely does not need payment, but I will test