GitHub Org Changes

Some things have been changed within the GitHub organization recently, here is a list of those changes.

Security Changes

  • Everyone now has no base permissions, the main team will give write access to a few things, but for write access in things like clients or server you will need to be added to their respective teams (if you started a project, you will have admin within that repository)
  • Repositories that are linked to Cloudflare pages will not automatically deploy and will have to be deployed by someone that has permission to do so (currently only @MikeDev101 and I, but I’ll try to give owners of projects the option to deploy as well)
  • Dependabot has been enabled on all repositories (and will be on any new ones) to help detect security issues with dependencies we use

GitHub and Cloudflare Pages

  • As mentioned before, only people with correct permissions can deploy to Cloudflare pages now
  • GitHub pages can no longer be created and will be turned off on all repositories soon, if you would like your project to be deployed, please ask @MikeDev101 or I to deploy it to Cloudflare pages (we use CF pages rather than GH pages because it’s easier to manage in one place and is way more reliable than GH pages)

Archived & Deleted Repos (available in the Meower-Archives repo)

  • Meower-Mobile (outdated, has also been taken down)
  • meower-api-dinosaur (outdated)
  • Meow-Key (no longer has any use)


  • Make sure your membership status in the organization is set to public
  • Make sure to have 2FA enabled on your accounts

We have also requested publisher verification and have verified our domain (, so if you got an email about us verifying our domain then no need to worry. There is one thing in that email that may alarm people (“Your IP address”), we do not have access to your IP address through the GitHub organization. After doing some research, we will only get your IP address if your account gets compromised and we request for details on what was accessed using your account.