From MikeDEV, cc'd from Discord. (IMPORTANT)

The Meower Team, and with my authorization, have decided to rewrite the entire project from the ground up.

I am no longer going to be maintaining any code for Meower, but I will continue managing the project and providing backend. I’ll be behind the scenes, so they say.

From your POV, nothing will really change. But from our end, we’re going through a Renaissance. I’m happy about that.

Hereafter, all efforts on CL3/CL4 meower have been retired, and I am officially calling it here: Scratch Meower is officially retired.

Going forward, I’ll just make sure things are running fine. I’m a bit sad that my work will not be used, but I’m comfortable leaving a large majority of the project with a lot of really cool people.

I’ve maintained this project for a while now. I’ve written the backend and frontend for as long as Meower has been online. It’s about time I give that job to someone else.

After all, I originally joined as a moderator. Time for me to catch a break.

Just wait for what’s coming. Get ready for awesomeness.

Woah I’m excited