File Storage Problems

So, Meower is planning to have the ability to upload files soon, to have them set as your profile picture or embedded in chat.

One thing is holding us back though, and that is that Cloudflare doesn’t like non-HTML content being served over tunnels or proxy (especially on the free plan).

We need some solution, that is free and hopefully doesn’t rely on cloud infrastructure. One of our ways is to use ngrok and use the ngrok server bot (like we had in beta 4).

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what should be used in this case is b64 encodeing

It would be nice to finally get rid of Cloudflare! I can try to find a better free solution.

We are not getting rid of Cloudflare, it is a must for self hosting Meower

True, but we’re still sending quite a bit of data which Cloudflare doesn’t like

you could theoretically stream it

Stream it with what?

i mean like every second send some more data


ngrok exposes the server’s IP, i would recommend localtunnel instead, although it does have a warning upon every new IP visit to the localtunnel url.

it can easily be bypassed with a header though, or a user clicking on the button and then returning to the platform

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