Cant connect to meower

my idea would be to follow this:
cant connect to main server, connect to tnix server, then showier, then cat, then yours finally

Why mine last?

actually you second last and cat last

I would simply have a distribution system, like I suggested, where it attempts to connect to the closest server, but if that is down, or has more than ~70-80% load, it connects to the next closest and so on.

maybe when ulist is no longer a thing?
also we need to make sure they share the same userbase and stuff tho

It could simply have the sever the person is connected to stores the data, and then that is sent securely over HTTPS to other servers.

i mean imagine this
you have an online friend you met when the main server was down on showiers sever.
now you can no longer talk to him cuz you cant access showiers server

But that data is sent to the other servers. Unlike a bank, the internet allows you to send data in a matter of seconds.

Allow me to create a new thread on Meower suggestions, with a few diagrams explaining how it would work.

i mean cant someon- we should make our own protocol for server data communication

Using HTTPS with websockets isn’t less secure, it’s used to send the data to the clients.

what if someone sends fake data over to other servers

i mean the source code is public

It’s done by the servers, not the clients, a server would need to be compromised, and even still, there will not be a command to request data, the servers would send it, so the most they could do is create random user accounts, and possibly delete some.

yeah but you can impersonate a server and send fake data to a server.

Have you ever heard of PGP keys before? Or just only allowing requests from a server’s IP address. You cannot spoof an IP to websites either, unless the client is sending the IP, which will not happen in Beta 6.

If you try to spoof an IP, then the server will not actually send anything to your IP, but rather the spoofed IP. This means they can’t send anything to the server at all.

@Bloctans, try finding some flaws in my idea, and I will likely be able to show you how they aren’t flaws.