Cant connect to meower


meower is down


what does all that mean btw

so that means the api, link shortener, server and mc server all operate on mikes server (didnt know the link shortener did)

I’m gonna make “Server Christmas Tree” an official term for when Meower has maintenance or is getting ducked

what is happening to meower rn

meower is under maintenance

Is mike testing on the production server lol?

I honestly don’t know

because meower servers are going on and off
thous a server christmas tree

meower died again…

im going to scream


Server distribution (where there are multiple backup servers in case one is under a lot of load or is down) is cool


why doesnt meower use it

@tnix @MikeDEV can this be a thing?

i bet they will prob say in beta 6

I can host a server for it, and I think this was going to be added in Beta 5, but was delayed because of technical issues. I am pretty sure tnix, showier, cat, and I said we were going to host servers, so 1 server in New Zealand, 1 in Australia, and 3 (including main server) in the US.

i would like to host one but i dont have money to pay for a non-static site to host websocket

I am hosting it on my existing server.