Calling all Wiki Editors! - Let's fix and complete some pages!

So as you may already know…

The Wiki just isn’t great in its current state. There are many stub (incomplete) pages, unverified claims/“facts” as well as poor formatting started by page creators, and not fixed by anyone down the line.

So what is this post for? If you find a post with one of the warnings listed below, make a post like the example post I’ll screenshot below, and also consider helping make a page listed below better.


Stub page (incomplete page)

Broken references (this is a wiki issue, don’t worry too much)

No verifiable sources (needs to have a link(s) to a site(s) confirming claims)

Outdated (likely has old info that needs to be updated, removed or replaced)

Example Post

Copy-paste the text below into your new post box, then edit the fields listed.

# (Wiki page name)
**[Issue(s) with wiki page]**
*paste link to wiki page here*

Comments: *what needs to be fixed with this page? is it a stub page? is it poorly formatted?*

To Meower Team

No, this isn’t naming and shaming anyone, no this isn’t calling out any specific person to be responsible for their page, yes this is a page about the Wiki you thought dead.

Italic Bug

Poorly Formatted & Broken References | Partially Fixed by @Bloctans and @JoshAtticus!

Comments: Needs to have better formatting to make it easier to read, and has broken references

i guess im one

Meower Client (Fixed)

Poorly Formatted & Stub Page | Fixed by @JoshAtticus

Comments: Needs to have more information added (maybe even a list of clients as the minimum) and be formatted properly with headers.

*its current state

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Fixed! It’s so common to put an apostrophe that I sometimes do it without intending to!

i fixed like 5 pages with broken references, gonna finish it off tomorrow

finished it, no pages with the broken references notice have broken references anymore