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say your repl username if you want to be added to the doc repl

we may want to create a shared repl account for stuff like this

how do i drop my repl username, when i can just comment and my username is right there

like you just say ur repl username lamo




duh lol


how do you know all the doc stuff

Lookin at src

you are in

uhhh why arent you in the docs thing now

i am, im makin index files for everything

i dont see you

got disconnected from repl

weird you said you had to go


There’s a bit of a problem with the authentication for each endpoint, I think you got a bit confused with the token types and levels.

There is no “level 5 access” for auth, it’s the token type that would be in the code, the token type 5 is an OAuth bearer token.

rip, i looked at the code for check auth, but it did not give alot of info for it