Beta 6 Devlog

what if you could turn on and off parental controls


like, if i want to make an alt or something, i need to link all this stuff, like what do i do if i dont want to link any of my parental control stuff

i have 2 emails i can link
my personal email with full name
[email protected]

If you’re under 13 you will have to link all this stuff, but that’s just the law sorry.

Once your parent has a parent account though, you can link any new accounts to the same parent account

i feel weird linking my parents to accounts for things i collaberate with

pre beta 6 accounts wont need the linking right?

That’s fair, I’ll look over the law we need to follow (COPPA) and see what other way we can do this.

This is the part we need to focus on, so yeah we’re doing the last one with verifying the parents email and allowing them to manage consent through a parental panel.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

scratch doesnt need parental verification

i just link my email to my scratch account

It asks for your parents email while joining if you set your age under 13, which I guess if it works for them it will work for us too.

will it ask for 2 emails or just the parents

Probably just the parent’s email.

I have begun work on separating the authentication server from the main REST API and CloudLink servers. I have created a repository here: meower-media-co/Meower-Authentication (

Beta 6 is deprecated in favour of Meower Beta 5 CL4 port. Closing this topic.