Beta 6 Devlog

I am gonna post devlog kind of things here of beta 6 API progress.

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what will the endpoints be?

A lot.
Anyway, I’m just about to clone to repo to start work on it!

idea: make it like the gd servers where you have to post to get something
also include a needed secret in the headers

huh? I don’t fully understand.

and make it in PHP :shakespeare:

basically robtop uses POST requests to GET something from the GD servers hosted on

Yeah, we probably won’t do that, that just adds complexity that doesn’t need to exist.

ok, is speaking of complex, how will the logins work (in js)

So it will be OAuth if you’re making a client, so you will just open a popup which will return back some data once it has closed, the popup login handles everything so you as a client developer don’t have to.

But there will still be docs on how the login popup works, in case someone wants to make a third party one for whatever reason.

ok good because imagine making client devs suffer through beta 6

The login popup helps with a lot of those things, not having to implement all the multi-stage authentication, and also so you can save your password once and it’ll be on the same URL for all clients.

Anyway, about to restart the forums, see ya in 8 mins.

yay its back

anyways i gtg

Progress on new email templates made by @zed, sadly can’t get Simvoni font working on emails (at least not in Gmail) since it requires pulling from an external source.

Also changing up the status structure a bit, so now storing messages along with their HTTP status in a JSON file. Gonna just include ok or error plus any extra payload data in a response. Just less data being transmitted and code being less complex, which I guess is good.


my idea would be {status: “ok”, payload: {text: “lol”}}
and the error response be: {status: {msg: “error”, http: “404”}, payload: “Error”}

userdata file big