Badges for Meower

when will beta 6 servers be hosted for testing and third-party migration?

Irrelevant, make sure you comment in the right place, or make a new thread if you’re unsure.

I own the Meowy account so that’s perfect

Do i fall into veterain because i join when beta 5 was relased.

Only if you posted in the forums

If you ever posted to the Scratch Forum, yes you will be eligible for the veteran badge.

and if you joined during the v1 forum then super
and if you joined when it was called scratchconnect then extreme

I new about Meower from v1, but didn’t join until beta 3

i dont know, its either veteran or super veteran

I’m Veteran

If you’d like to see what badge you’ll get, you can use this Python file I made. (839 Bytes)

Yay, I was actually just looking on your GitHub for this script a few hours ago.

I should probably upload it to GitHub as well, so more people see it

Maybe make the bot icons like little robot heads, more recognizable that way. Also the verified badge should probably be blue for the same reason, people know what it means straight away.