Badges for Meower

So, we have been discussing cool Meower badges, here are them so far
Frame 46

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  1. will peple who have mod in beta 5 have mod in 6?

    also what do i fit into

ive traced myself being on the scratch forums for the original meower forum since oct 14 2020

all i know is i was there after it was renamed to meower

found first post

You will keep mod, and the system for detecting your veteran status will be automatic when linking your Scratch account as a social link.


yay super veteran

will there be any new features for people who have veteran or super veteran badges?

No, just a cool badge on their profile

Also how extreme veteran is awarded is if you’ve made a post before the time silver posted about the name change, sadly you made your first post 9 days after the name change.

who is meowy given to

Reserved server accounts

also what about an official meower account for updates and stuff, called meowy*
sort of like how scratch does the scratchcat profile

like server, notification, deleted, system and others?

Can you see what I would get?


Yay uwu

I wasn’t originally interested in Meower when I first saw it in 2020, but ended up joining like 1 year later in 2021