Amethyst: The biggest Meower Bot project

Amethyst is a bot in development that merges Pluto, ATM, cement, and AtomicBot. It will be open source so anyone can contribute to it.
If you’re in the MeowerBots org on GitHub, you can find it at (It will become public eventually).
It’s a little empty right now, but it’s still in very early development.

currently no one except admins, Arrow and atomic can see it due to how The MeowerBots org is set up

how can i help?

python or js
i have some command frameworks for them

python, allthough dont do stuff alot because b6 is near

k, i cant access the repo, give admin

also im going to a pool so ill upload the framework to the repo later

you gotta ask arrow if i can

Yeah sure.

Also, make sure it has support for multiple prefixes

how could i do that

??? how do i do it

I was thinking about using clever bot api in a meower bot, which is one of those smart-a** air chatbots

still dont have access

ill test that

nevermind, you have to pay for cleverbot

not sure, I might be able to modify it some, but it’s what has been agreed upon for the bot

I know

i think i did do multiplie prefix support

okay. when you can add the infrastructure stuff to Amethyst, please do
current prefixes are @Amethyst, @At, @Am, and !