12.16.2021 build broken?

So when I try to use the 12.16.2021 build of Meower, it hangs on this screen:
Screen Shot 2022-12-31 at 2.30.33 PM

Any fixes?

I am guessing this is because the server for these versions doesn’t work anymore :confused:

It could also be that I am using the cloudlink extension and not using code injector.

I got it working!! But:
Screen Shot 2022-12-31 at 5.25.16 PM
Fudge time out errors-

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt

Because old builds don’t connect because they use a different method

No. Every single time I boot it up it just hangs on connecting.

How do I get them to connect?

what was the old method?

something to do with ngrok iirc

Not sure

You could ask mike

check the :mainispain:

I don’t have discord

check the :mainispain: with only the first 4 letters sprite

Are the cloud link blocks defunct? Is that why?

no, i dont think so
but it may be a borked client issue

This is basically my record for most replied topic LOL. And I downloaded an earlier build and it’s DOING THE SAME THING-

Which cloudlink are you using? The cloudlink extension from extensions.turbowarp.org? That may not work

Yeah, I am using extensions.turbowarp.org’s cloudlink. I want to use the cloudlink with code injector but I am using my dad’s computer

is this thread already dying, I haven’t got a reply in 5 minutessss (I have low patience)

Any build of Meower older than 0.5.x will not connect to the server. In historical/archived builds, they will attempt to connect to a nonexistent server IP. On top of that, using old builds that haven’t been refactored is not advised.

Will it work in meower time machine